2017-2018 Board of Directors

President:                                   Leslie Larsen
First Vice-President:                Tammie Petty
Second Vice-President:           Katharine Kostin
Treasurer:                                   Irina Malayev
Secretary:                                   Laura Hankins

At-Large Directors:
Sherri Joseph
Darrell Leighton
Lauri Mellow
Kim Walsh

Membership Chair:               Peggy Callahan
Test Chair:                               Susan Yokabaskas

You can email the full board at boardnafsc@gmail.com

**NAFSC Board Meeting Minutes and documents are available upon written request.


Other points of contact:

SafeSport Compliance                                        Chair:   Sherri Joseph      sherriskatingemail@gmail.com


Nor'easters Synchro                                          Chair:  Lauri Mellow                    synchrocoordinator@gmail.com