October and November 2017 Club Ice



  • We will not have ice monitors to play music.  We are expecting all coaches and skaters to continue to be cordial and helpful to each other and play music according to the music protocol...just as you have since July 1.


  • Saturday Practice Ice will follow club ice payment rules (cards can be used, $16 walk on members, $18 walk on non-members)


  • Saturday Power Stroking is a walk on class.  Payment is $15/class and is due at time of skate.  Cards CANNOT be used for this class.

Purchase club ice cards online

Club Ice cards purchased and paid for online will be issued and placed in the purple card box kept with the ice monitor within 48 hours of purchase.   If you choose to purchase online but pay via check in the office, a card will not be issued until payment has been received.  

Any sessions skated between purchase and issuance of a card will be charged at the walk on rate if there are no sessions left on the current card - so please plan accordingly and don't let a card run out.

Ice Card/Walk-on pricing:

NAFSC Members (does not include basic skills members):                                       10 Session Card    $140           20 Session Card    $280                                                 40 Session Card    $520           Walk on rate:  $16/session

Non-NAFSC Members (includes basic skills members):       
 10 Session Card    $180            20 Session Card    $360                                                40 Session Card    $720            Walk on rate:  $18/session

Ice Purchase and use Policy  

revised 9/2015


Music Protocol

Club Ice Skater Priority Policy (not applicable for 2017 summer training program)