Club ICe Calendars



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Club ice reminders:  

  • (September through June) Check in will take place in the NAFSC office BEFORE getting on the ice. Please refer to the Club Ice check in guidelines for check-in priority and procedures.

  • RinkMusic is up and running. Skaters will need to have a tag with music uploaded onto it in order to play music during club ice. Please contact if you do not have a tag, have questions for set up, or need more information.

  • Walk on LTS classes are under the LTS rates/calendars and cannot be used with ice cards. Skaters walking on to eligible LTS classes will be responsible for payment at time of skate.

Purchase club ice cards online

Club Ice cards purchased and paid for online will be issued and placed in the purple card box kept in the office within 48 hours of purchase.   If you choose to purchase online but pay via check in the office, a card will not be issued until payment has been received.  

Any sessions skated between purchase and issuance of a card will be charged at the walk on rate if there are no sessions left on the current card - so please plan accordingly and don't let a card run out.

Please refer to the Ice Card Guidelines for more information.

Ice Card/Walk-on pricing:

NAFSC Members (does not include basic skills members):                 10 Session Card    $140           20 Session Card    $280                               40 Session Card    $520           Walk on rate:  $16/session

Non-NAFSC Members (includes basic skills members):       
10 Session Card    $180            20 Session Card    $360                           40 Session Card    $720            Walk on rate:  $18/session


2019 Summer Training Program Information

2019 Summer Training Program Paper Registration

Pre-registration will be available for July and August club ice sessions and on ice specialty classes - $12 for club ice session, $6 for specialty on ice class. Pre-registration fees are non-refundable. No swaps will be allowed. Pre-registration opportunities will close for a week on the Friday before that week at 11:59pm (ex: Week of July 1-5 pre-registration will close at 11:59pm on Friday 6/28/19).

Walk ons will be allowed for club ice sessions and on ice specialty class - $14/session (club and non-club members). 1/2 sessions will be allowed. Cards can be used.

Priority will be: First-Pre-registered skaters; Second-walk on skaters (home club and non-home club); Check in will remain the same - starting 15 minutes before a session

Off-ice classes are $10 per class and are for ages 9 and up. Parents, coaches, adults are welcome to participate as well!

The Sun-sational Summer Exhibition will be held on Monday 8/19/19 from 4-6pm! More details to come!