NAFSC has a staff of approved independent professionals available to teach our Learn to Skate USA basic skills classes as well as  provide private coaching within all disciplines (solo, dance, pairs, synchro) and levels.  Our coaches provide specialized training including jumps, spins, edges, moves-in-the-field and dance. 

Click on the coaches name for more information about the coach, including contact information.

Kristin Andrews, NAFSC Skating Coordinator

Katie Callahan

Dane Carter

Maryann Carroll

Debra Coppinger

Wyoma Crandall

Elaine Driscoll

Jordan Driscoll

Franz-Peter Jerosch

Ann Hanson

Lynda Hathaway

Jo Marsanskis

Stacy McAllister

Elena Morrow-Spitzer

Maya O’Leary Cyr

Carol Pichette

Morgan Sewall

If you are looking for additional private coaching information, please contact us at or call 207-781-5058. 

For information regarding how to select a coach, please click here to visit the U.S. Figure Skating coaching page and check out the Parent/Club Links Regarding Coaches.