NAFSC has a staff of approved independent professionals available to  provide you private coaching within all disciplines (solo, dance, pairs, synchro) and levels.  Our coaches also provide specialized training including jumps, spins, edges, moves-in-the-field and dance. The links below provide information about each of our professionals.  For information regarding how to select a coach, please click here to visit the USFSA coaching page and check out the Parent/Club Links Regarding Coaches.

Sam Abelson

Kristin Andrews:      

Cindy Bolles

Maryann Carroll:       

Dane Carter:               

Darrell Leighton

Debra J. Coppinger:  

Elaine Driscoll:          

Jordan Driscoll:          

Lynda Hathaway:      

Jann Hull:                   

Franz-Peter Jerosch

Elena Morrow-Spitzer

Carol Nelson:          

Maya O'Leary-Cyr

Isabel Peredy

Tessa Peredy

Erica Rand

Morgan Sewall:        

Robert Yokabaskas: 

Susan Yokabaskas: