Why join NAFSC?

Your joint NAFSC/USFSA membership allows you to take U.S. Figure Skating proficiency tests as well as compete or participate in U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competitions, open competitions and other USFSA sanctioned events such as ice shows and exhibitions. In addition to operating club ice, the NAFSC also operates a number of other programs to include test sessions, skating clinics, a summer skating camp, a U.S. Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA Program, a Basic Skills competition (Snowflake Skate) and at least two exhibitions and one major ice show per year. Home Club members are eligible for ice show solo and feature programs, recognition at qualifying competition send-off events, senior scholarships and much more!  NAFSC is ably assisted and supported by a highly experienced and competent staff of coaches and parent volunteers.

Some of our 2016-2017 highlights include:

  • Fabulous exhibitions including the Holiday Skate-tacular and Annual Ice Show
  • Highly attended and successful Snowflake Competition
  • Continued increase in Learn-to-Skate Program enrollments
  • Two USFSA testing sessions
  • Parent information sessions/Increased parent education
  • Dress and accessory sale and ongoing used skate sales
  • Fun-filled Kids’ Club activities

The 2017-2018 season promises to be just as exciting, as we look toward adding more ice time, increasing the number of members volunteering, offering additional test sessions and sending many more skaters to Regionals!


Home Club Membership

  • This applies to all categories of Home Club skaters, Home Club Coaches and Patrons.  Each person who applies for a home club membership with NAFSC will also be applying for a USFSA membership (with the exception of the non-USFSA home club patron option).

2017-2018 Home Club Membership Packet

Associate Membership

  • Applies to members who have desiganted a club other than NAFSC as their home club and represent a club other than NAFSC at competitions.

2017-2018 Associate Membership Packet