Since 1999, the NAFSC has hosted our annual Snowflake Skate Basic Skills Competition at the Family Ice Arena.  Held each winter in January or February, this is a fun and wonderful opportunity for skaters to show their skills in their home rink.  The competition is warm and friendly and every one receives and award.

The Snowflake Skate competition is open to all skaters who are current eligible members of either the USFSA Basic Skills Program (at NAFSC or another club) and/or are full members of US Figure Skating.  All Snowplow Sam and Basic Skills skaters through Basic 8 must skate at highest level passed or one level higher and no official US Figure Skating tests may have been passed including MIF or individual dances.  For the Free Skate Program events, eligibility will be based only upon highest free skate test level passed and skaters may test at highest level passed or one level higher but not both levels in the same event during the same competition. 

The following events are examples of what is offered (please note that they are subject to change each year):

  • Basic Element (no music) and Programs with Music for Snowplow Sam 1-Basic 8

  • Compulsory and Program events for Free Skate 1-6

  • Test Track and Well Balanced Compulsory Moves for Beginner, High Beginner, No Test, Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary

  • Test Track Free Skate for Beginner, High Beginner, Pre-Preliminary, and Preliminary

  • Well Balanced Program Free Skate for No Test, Pre-Preliminary, and Preliminary

  • Solo Pattern Dance for Preliminary (Canasta Tango & Rhythm Blues) and Pre-Bronze (Cha Cha & Swing)

  • Adult Events (compulsories, Adult 1-6 free skate, pre-bronze and Bronze)

  • Beginner Synchronized Skating (Beginner 1, 2, 3)

Attention LTS Parents:

We want all our LTS skaters to consider competing in the 2019 Snowflake Skate. Please join us Saturday 12/8/18 8:50am to learn more about this event, what it can offer your skater and find out how to register!

2019 19th Annual Snowflake Skate Compete USA Competition

Sunday, February 10 9:30am-5:30pm

Family Ice Center, 20 Hat Trick Drive, Falmouth, ME 04105

2019 Snowflake Skate Competition Announcement and Registration Packet