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Caryn BickerstaffAngie MarquisAmy Dultz

At-Large Directors:

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Allison Zanno

Serving on the NAFSC board is a positive and necessary way to support the club and to ensure that we create wonderful opportunities for our members.

Here's a snapshot of what the experience can be like...


"My family has been part of NAFSC for almost 10 years. I think we have participated in almost every aspect that NAFSC has to offer, including synchro, ice dance, testing, competition and ice show, and LTS.  It has been a wonderful opportunity for both of my girls.  I decided to be part of the board as a way to support and give back to NAFSC for all the many years it has given my family to learn and participate in the sport of figure skating." - Steph Brewer

"I decided to get involved with the NAFSC board to help nurture and support our community’s youth.  I felt it was my duty as a Club Member to offer my time in this capacity at some point in my daughter’s skating life to ensure that the Club ran smoothly for all skaters now and in the future.  I have learned a lot in the last four years.  I have had the honor of shaping programming and advocating on behalf of our hard-working athletes." - Laura Hankins

"I have so appreciated the opportunity to serve on the board for the past two years and have a greater appreciation for what it takes to provide programming and events for our skaters. After many years of being involved with the club as a parent and volunteer, it felt like it was time for me to give back in a more significant way. It has been very gratifying to work with a group of people who are dedicated to the sport & our membership and are willing to have robust and thoughtful conversations about how best to serve the entire community. It has been a very rewarding experience." - Katie Pulsifer


If you're interested or have questions, please reach out to one of our current board members for more information!

NAFSC Board of Directors Meetings

The NAFSC Board of Directors will meet every 2nd Thursday or each month.


The next NAFSC Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 7:00pm.

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