News, updates, and reminders for contract ice:

NAFSC Club Ice Guidelines (revised 3/28/2021)

**As of 3/28/2021, we are allowing 25 skaters and unlimited coaches on the ice for a session.  Please review the updated NAFSC Guidelines to familiarize yourself with the procedures and requirements especially pertaining to coach sign up.  We will continue with pre-registration processes for the time being.

**As of 3/28/21 - ONE SPECTATOR is allowed for each skater.  Spectator must be a family member or guardian.

**Locker rooms are still not in use for NAFSC activities unless otherwise directed.

**Tuesday LTS practice ice will follow the same rules/guidelines as Thursday practice ice:  skaters must be basic 5 and higher; coaches will be limited to the current LTS coaches only unless otherwise directed; cost is $8 for 25 minutes and can be signed up for under the "Spring 2021-LTS Practice Ice Pre-registration" contract in Entryeeze.  This practice ice is aimed at providing a transitional ice opportunity for our badge program skaters who are looking to have private lessons and explore options after badge classes without the intimidation of club ice.

**Per Family Ice Directive:  Everyone is required to wear face coverings at all times while outside FIC, inside FIC, and on the ice.

*COVID questionnaire MUST BE COMPLETED EACH DAY YOU PLAN TO SKATE.  Online form submission will be accepted until 2:30pm on day of skating (1pm on Sundays).  If questionnaire is not completed online, one must be filled out at check in.

*If you have issues with signing up, please  contact us at

*REMEMBER:  You cannot enter the building until 15 minutes before a session and you must check in with whomever is monitoring the door so that we can keep an accurate record.  DO NOT ENTER the arena until you have checked in.

Pay attention to the new protocols and club ice procedures that will remain in place until further notice.  Please understand that due to current restrictions and guidelines from both the State and FIC, and in order to ensure the safety and welfare of our members, we expect anyone utilizing NAFSC club ice to abide by all restrictions, guidelines, procedures, etc. set forth without exception.  Our number one priority is the health and safety of our members so thank you for your cooperation!

Purchase club ice punch cards online!

Club Ice punch cards can be purchased in the contract ice section of the entryeeze site.

Punches available will be maintained electronically in a skater account and purchases will be applied against any available punch card.

Please refer to the Punch Card Guidelines for more information. (suspended until further notice)

Punch Card Pricing

       NAFSC Home Club Members

           NAFSC Associate Members


  5 Session Punch Card      $  76
10 Session Punch Card      $144
15 Session Punch Card      $204
20 Session Punch Card      $256
  5 Session Punch Card      $  80
10 Session Punch Card      $160
15 Session Punch Card      $240
20 Session Punch Card      $320
  5 Session Punch Card      $  90
10 Session Punch Card      $180
15 Session Punch Card      $270
20 Session Punch Card      $360
Walk-on rates

Home Club Members     $18/session

Associate Members        $18/session

Non-members/Guests    $20/session

Club ice reminders:

  • Check in will start no earlier than 15 minutes BEFORE a scheduled ice session. Please refer to the NAFSC Club Ice Guidelines for check-in procedures.

  • RinkMusic is up and running. Skaters will need to have a tag with music uploaded onto it in order to play music during club ice. Please contact if you do not have a tag, have questions for set up, or need more information.

  • LTS FS Program classes are separate from club ice and specialty classes and cannot be used with punch cards or as a walk on.