What are your hours?

During COVID-19 restricted opening times, the club office is open on a very limited scale.  Please email us at northatlanticfsc@gmail.com to reach us.  Once we go back to normal operations, the Club office will be open during club ice and LTS session times. For specific times, please see the club ice schedule.

Do I need to be a member to skate on the Club’s ice?

A skater does not have to be a member of the North Atlantic Figure Skating Club (NAFSC) in order to skate on club ice. All skaters who have a U.S. Figure Skating membership with another home club or as an individual or a Learn to Skate USA membership are allowed to utilize club ice as long as they meet the age and level requirements.

Do I need to call ahead if I want to skate on a session?

We do not take sign up requests via phone calls, emails, etc. During COVID-19 restricted times, skaters can sign up on the Entryeeze site under Contract Ice or walk on if space is available.  During normal operations, check-in will take place in the NAFSC office before club ice. However, there is a hierarchy for checking in. Please see the Club Ice check in guidelines for check-in priority and procedures.

Are you closing because of inclement weather?

NAFSC will post all cancellations/delays through the following channels: NAFSC website (announcement bar at the top of the page and the Notifications page), Facebook, Channel 8 WMTW, Channel 6 WCSH, and the club voicemail (if unable to reach office to reset, this will not be updated).

Do you recommend coaches?

For help finding the right coach, please visit the Hiring a Private Coach page on the U.S. Figure Skating website. For information and contacts for our staff coaches, please visit the COACHES page.

Can I coach if I’m not a member or staff coach?

Yes. During Covid restricted times, guest coaches must request to coach on a session using the Daily Coaching Request Form.  Guest coaching fee is $8/session.  Please visit the Club Ice page to read the NAFSC guidelines to review procedures.

During normal operations, guest coaches are allowed on our club ice sessions. Guest coaches will incur a fee of $8/session or $15/day unless otherwise designated.  In order to guest coach, you must supply the following:

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • S. Figure Skating Coaching Compliance Card
  • Proof of U.S. Figure Skating Membership
  • Proof of Professional Skaters Association Membership
  • Copy of CER Certifications
How can I buy tickets to an event or register for a seminar?

All information can be found on the NAFSC website under the corresponding drop down for the event you are interested in.

When are the test dates?

Please visit the Testing page of the website for information on test timelines and guidelines.