Questions?  Did you miss the Competition and North Atlantic Open Information Session?  Check out the video of the session and some helpful documents!

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The 2023 North Atlantic Open (formerly Snowflake Skate) will be held on Sunday, March 5, 2023 at Family Ice Center in Falmouth, ME.  The competition has been approved as part of the U.S. Figure Skating Excel Series for 2023!

The competition will offer the following events:
  • Snowplow Sam through Free Skate 6 elements/compulsory moves and Programs with music
  • Adult 1-6 compulsory moves and free skate
  • Excel Beg-Excel Preliminary compulsory moves
  • Pre-Juvenile-Senior compulsory moves
  • Excel Free Skate levels Beginner through Senior (Beg & High Beg will be judged on the 6.0 system and Pre-Pre through Senior on the IJS system)
  • Adult Beginner through Adult Masters compulsory moves
  • Adult Free Skate levels beginner through Masters (Beg & High Beg will be judged on the 6.0 system and Pre-Bronze through Masters will be on the IJS system)

Deadline to Register:

February 10, 2023 11:59EST


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See you March 5, 2023!

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Since 1999, the NAFSC has hosted our annual Snowflake Skate Competition at the Family Ice Arena.  This is a fun and wonderful opportunity for skaters to show their skills in a warm and friendly environment.